Experience San Marcos

Your summer visit may look a little different than planned this year.
Riverfront parks are closed until further notice.

And don’t forget your mask when exploring San Marcos!
You’ll need one to visit most businesses.

Please call ahead to your favorites businesses for modified hours and operating procedures.
Current COVID-19 information in San Marcos

San Marcos Like a Local
  • Legend Has It...

    From tall tales to totally true and everything in between, San Marcos is full of interesting, quirky and downright thrilling stories. Bank robberies, brave citizens, old rivalries and more than our share of mis...

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  • How To Explore San Marcos Safely

    From packing the right things to knowing the best practices, we want to make sure your summer SMTXperience is a safe one!

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  • San Marcos Updates

    San Marcos is a beautiful, wonderful place with lots to see and do and we want everyone who visits has a fantastic time exploring, however, our first duty is to make sure your SMTXperience is a safe one. The Sa...

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