Welcome to Downtown San Marcos. Where you can enjoy a leisurely brunch, dine at charming bistros or get some outrageous burgers. Shop at stylish boutiques or quirky shops, either way, we’re sure you’ll find something you can’t find anywhere else. Teeny tiny paintings hidden in cracks and alleys. Giant murals begging to be included in your photos. And, of course, seven-foot-tall mermaids. Because why not? Because in San Marcos, the good times never end.

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Of course, our first duty is to make sure your SMTXperience is a safe one. The San Marcos area has needed to make some adjustments due to COVID-19. You can expect to see our friendly shop keepers and restaurant employees masked up and keeping it clean as well as other patrons keeping a safe distance. Enjoy your meals on one of our outdoor dining areas and safely soak up the San Marcos atmosphere! One of the great things about San Marcos is that we have plenty of space for you to make memories.


You never know what you’ll find shopping in Downtown San Marcos. Maybe it’s your new favorite outfit or a fun vintage find. Or, maybe it’s beautiful hand-crafted earrings made out of tin cans by a local artist or a four-foot cactus statue… Really, it’s anyone’s guess.

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Photo by: Sana Shahid


Here in San Marcos we love extremes, and our food is no different. We like our French toast stuffed with things, our burgers smothered in guacamole AND queso, our pizza topped with French fries and mozzarella sticks, our Bloody Mary’s with all the fixings and we want to finish it all off with an adult beverage. Is that drool we see? Pull yourself together, we’ve got more explorin’ to do!

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The sights and colors of Downtown San Marcos are one of the most unique parts of the city! From mini murals hidden in plain sight to gigantic artworks that take up the whole side of a building, and of course, who could miss the mermaid statues of the Mermaid March? All of them ready for their photo op. And no Downtown adventure would be complete without a stop to check out the San Marcos Art Center.

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Photo by: Romina Olson


Downtown San Marcos is home to two breweries and brewpubs within two blocks. That’s right, two craft breweries within walking distance from one another – you’re welcome. And of course, we recommend trying both of them, responsibly.

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Photo by: Andy Heatwole


There is two-hour street parking available around Downtown San Marcos, but a day spent exploring San Marcos is best when you can lose track of time and stay all day – in our opinion. You can find paid lots at one of these locations:

  • E. Hutchison St. at N. Guadalupe St. (On the corner) 

  • E. Hutchison St. at Fredericksburg St. (Across the street from First United Methodist Church)

  • Texas State University public parking garage on University Dr. at N. Edward Gary St.

  • CM Allen Parkway at San Antonio St. and Hopkins 

  • CM Allen Parkway and Hutchinson St 

  • Edward Gary St- Textbook Solutions (after-hours only)

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All Downtown Attractions:

Hays County Historic Courthouse

Downtown | Recently restored, the 1909 Hays County Courthouse is nestled in the center of the downtown square. Historic exhibits are now housed in it's lower floors.

LBJ MLK Crossroads Memorial

Downtown | The LBJ MLK Crossroads Memorial is a visible monument at the corner of LBJ and MLK Drives, honoring the historic efforts of President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in forging the most significant Civil Rights legislation since the Civil War. 

LBJ Museum of San Marcos

Downtown | Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the United States lived in San Marcos while earning a degree in history and a permanent teaching certificate from Texas State University.