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Merriman Cabin

The historic Merriman Cabin was built in 1846 by Dr. Eli T. Merriman (1815-1867), a Yale graduate and 1838 Texas settler. Merriman was one of three San Marcos town site owners and first physician in the area.

When Dr. Eli Merriman built his one pen log home along the southern bank of the San Marcos River, he probably had no idea it would be moved twice in the next 150 years.

It is the second oldest home in San Marcos, originally near town square. The home is built of hand-hewn timber.

Texas State University gifted the Merriman Cabin, one of San Marcos' oldest and most historically significant structures, to the Heritage Association under a contractual agreement providing for "relocation to a public site and preservation as an historic structure."

The restoration and relocation of the Merriman cabin was one of several projects of the San Marcos Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2001.

What's Near Here?

Veramendi Plaza

One of the most scenic, historic and popular parks in San Marcos, Juan Veramendi Plaza is known for its iconic gazebo, the Charles S. Cock House Museum, the Merriman Cabin, the Dr. Gwen K. Smith Fountain, and the tree-lined pathway to the Riverwalk.

Charles S. Cock House Museum

Charles S. Cock House, erected in 1867, is a modest, vernacular Greek Revival structure and the oldest remaining residential building in San Marcos. 

San Marcos Plaza Park

Located on the banks of the San Marcos River, the park is 5.1 acres with hike/bike trails, wooden deck, large permanent stage (available for special events), and the Fish Hatchery Building (available for rental).