Plan Your Nights in San Marcos 

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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: December 11 - December 17

WEDNESDAY: December 11

Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay’s Songwriters Circle (8pm)
Riley's Tavern - Nate Guthrie (7pm)
Zelicks - Poolboi Blu (6pm)

THURSDAY: December 12

The Porch - Beats Bingo (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern
 – Juliet McConkey (7pm)
Studio San Martian - Night Dip w/ Poolboi Blu (10pm)
Yellow House - The Ditch Crickets (7pm)

FRIDAY: December 13

Black's BBQ - Big John Mills (6pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Read Southall (8pm)
The Coffee Bar - Skinny Williams, Lina Clarke and the Petals (8:30pm)
Crafthouse - Clever Name Band (8pm)
The Growling - Nate Guthrie (8pm)

Happy Cow - Tyler McCollum (8:30pm)
Industry - Joshua Alderete (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - AuraZora (8pm)
The Marc - Borgeous (8pm)
Middleton Brewing – Marvin Bottera & Broken Glass (6:30pm)
The Porch - Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mark Jungers (6pm) Beth Lee and the Breakups (9pm)
San Marcos BBQ - Stringtown Texas (6pm)

Wake The Dead Coffee House - Songwriters Night (9pm)

SATURDAY: December 14

Black's BBQ - Dr. G & the Mudcats (6pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Cody Bryan Band (8pm)
The Coffee Bar - High Noon and the Old Souls, Eli Josef (8:30pm)
Crafthouse - Ryan Snipes (8pm)
The Growling - Richard Watson (9pm)
Happy Cow - Shaker Hymns (8:30pm)
Hops & Grain
- Richard Watson (4pm)
Industry - Wood Street Band (8pm)

Jack's Roadhouse - X Factor (9pm)

Middleton Brewing – Beth and the Back Road Boys (7pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Kim Kafka & Morris Nelms (7pm)

Riley’s Tavern – The Porch Turtles (9pm)
Roughhouse - Chris Beard Trio (2pm)
Tantra - The Maples, Hope Davis (11am)

SUNDAY: December 15

Black's BBQ
 - Nate Guthrie (1pm)
Industry - Tracy Weinberg (1pm)
Middleton Brewing – Bluegrass Sunday w/ Gerry Burns (3pm)
Palmers - Cesar Gomez (10:30am)
Riley’s Tavern – Beaumonts Gospel Supper (4pm)
Texas Gamers Lounge - BCtheicegod, Deuce Maxim, 3rd Eye, Jimminethagod, 4SenSei5, Psalm (8:30pm)

MONDAY: December 16

Axis - Open Mic Night (8pm) 

TUESDAY: December 17

Studio San Martian - Song Swap (9pm)