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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: April 17 - April 23


Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mike Ethan Messick (9pm)
Wake The Dead – Youngsville (12:30pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Open Mic Night (8pm)

THURSDAY: April 18

Riley’s Tavern – Jackie Darlene (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Matt Williams (7pm)
The Marc - Kristian Nairn 
AquaBrew - Christian Sparks and The Beatnik Bandits (7pm)
AquaBrew - Youngsville (7:45pm)
AquaBrew - Flydecay (8:30pm)
AquaBrew - Wezmer (9:15pm)
KIVA - FunkOtron (8pm)

FRIDAY: April 19

Middleton Brewing - Marvin bottera & Broken Glass (6:30pm)
AquaBrew - The Big Gun Show (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – The Homebodies (6pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Pat Byrne (9pm)
Industry - Cory Mann (8pm)
The Coffee Bar - Hey, Spruce (9pm)
The Coffee Bar - YeeHa! (10pm)
Zelicks - Zach Blue 
Wake The Dead – Lizard Queen (7pm)
Wake The Dead – Capture Orbit (7:35pm)
Wake The Dead – Paradigms (8:10pm)
Wake The Dead – Chromagnus (8:50pm)
Wake The Dead – All Nighter (9:40pm)
Wake The Dead – Just A Dream (10:30pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Steele River Band (8pm)
Happy Cow - R.A.G.E.
Kent Black's BBQ - Richie Allbright (6pm)
The Growling - Outlaw Heart (9pm)
KIVA - Grid Squid & Tmn (10pm)
Buzz Mill - Hickoids, Hamell On Trial and Uh Oh Romeo (6pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Austin Kinney & Friends (7pm)

SATURDAY: April 20

Riley’s Tavern – One Ton Country (9pm)
Middleton Brewing - Michael James Band (7pm)
Happy Cow - the Statesboro Revue 
Industry - Nate Vancil/Drew Sebestia (4pm)
Roughhouse Brewing - Christy Hays (3:30pm)
Jack's Roadhouse -Youngsville, Typical Girls and Sami (8pm)
The Growling - 36" Wheels (9pm)
The Coffee Bar - Luke Williams + Adam Johnson (8:30pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Cody Bryan Band (8pm)
Kent Black's BBQ - Jordan M. Young (6pm)
AquaBrew - Bogan Villa (8pm)
JAMS - The Homebodies (2pm)

SUNDAY: April 21

Middleton Brewing - Gerry Burns (3pm)
Industry - Nichole Mayeux (12pm)
Kent Black's BBQ - David Touchton (1pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Larry Dial (7:30pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Rock and Roll Revival (4pm)
Roughhouse Brewing - Laura Lee (3pm)

MONDAY: April 22

Middleton Brewing - Open Mic Night (6pm)
Texas State - TXST Jazz Orchestra (7:30pm)

TUESDAY: April 23

The Growling - Open Mic Night
Texas State - Canetti-menagerie (7:30pm)