Plan Your Nights in San Marcos 

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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: October 9 - October 15

WEDNESDAY: October 9

Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Open Mic/Song Swap w/ Kayla Jane (8pm)
Kiva - Open Stage hosted by Bogan Villa (9pm)
Ragnar's on the Compound - Open Mic w/full backline (8pm)
Riley's Tavern - Nate Guthrie (7pm)

Tantra - Bluegrass Night (7:30pm)
Wake The Dead Coffee House - Youngsville (12:30pm)

THURSDAY: October 10

Jack's Roadhouse - Open Mic/Song Swap w/ Kayla Jane (8pm)
 - Dose of Dance (9pm)
Riley's Tavern - Jamie Lin Wilson w/ Juliet McConkey (7pm)
Tantra - Poolside #3 w/ Poolboi Blu, Sick Thots, Meta, Ambrose Brown, Gost (7pm)
Wake The Dead Coffee House - O’Malarkey Irish/Celtic Jam Session (7:30pm)

FRIDAY: October 11

Black's BBQ - Big John Mills (6pm)
The Coffee Bar - Jed Craddock, Con Crema (8:30pm)
Crafthouse - Zach Talbert (8pm)
The Growling - Brandon Scott Padier (5pm)
Happy Cow - Guns For Roses – GNR Tribute (8pm)

Industry – Forrest Weiss (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Dan Corona Band (9pm)

Kiva -  Piano Bar w/ Taxi and Mark (10pm) NITE DIP w/Poolboi Blu (10pm on the patio) 
Martindale River Cafe and Mercantile - Grant Ewing (8pm)
Middleton Brewing – Michael James Band (7pm)
The Porch - Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (8pm)
Ragnar's on the Compound - This is Temporary, Charm, SYD, Hot Dog Danzig, Worst Nightmare (7pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mark Jungers (6pm) Jason Eady – Acoustic (8pm)
San Marcos BBQ - Stringtown Texas Band (6pm)
Tantra - Attic Ted, Mike Melinoe, Stretch Panic (7pm)
Zelick's - Bandreu (5:30pm)

SATURDAY: October 12

Black's BBQ - Dr. G & the Mudcats (6pm)
Cheatham St Warehouse - Brother Roscoe (8pm)
The Coffee Bar - The Western Express, Juliet McConkey (8:30pm)
Crafthouse - Morgan Ashley (8pm)
The Growling - Dispose All (9pm)
Happy Cow - Will Carter Band (8:30pm)
Hops & Grain - Sheel Doshi (4pm)
Industry - Kelany Brent (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Cactus Flats (8pm)
Kiva - Chalie Boy (9pm)
Martindale River Cafe and Mercantile - The Lost Pines (8pm)
Middleton Brewing – Dallas Burrow (7pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Austin Kinney & Friends (7pm)
Ragnar's on the Compound - El Cucuy (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Heather Victorino (9pm)
Rooster's Emporium - Kayleigh Soukup, Jack Henry and the Tao Jones (5pm)
Roughhouse - Kimmi Bitter (3pm)
Tantra - Sierra Madre Sound, Astral Blue, Lefty Parker (7pm)

SUNDAY: October 13

Aquabrew - Xavier Joseph (11am)
Black's BBQ
- Daniel Thomas Phipps (1pm)
The Growling - Danny Goo, Riverbed Heads, Maikeru, JMAC the Dragon, Gost (7pm)
Industry - Drew Sebesta (1pm)

Middleton Brewing – Chris Lancaster (3pm)

MONDAY: October 14

Buzz Mill - Open Mic Night (8pm)
Industry - Those Nights (9pm)
Kiva - Zoofunkyou (8pm)

Middleton Brewing - Open Mic Night (6pm)

TUESDAY: October 15

The Growling - Open Mic Night (9pm)
Kiva - Bassment (10pm)