Plan Your Nights in San Marcos 

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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: January 17th - January 23rd

WEDNESDAY: January 17

Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay’s Songwriters Circle (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mike Ethan Messick (9pm)
Valentino's Pizza - Flora & Fauna, Faux Fiction and Dojo S.A. (8pm)
Wake The Dead - Youngsville (11am)

THURSDAY: January 18

Riley’s Tavern – Rio Tripiano (8pm)
Valentino's Pizza - David Robertson (8pm)
Valentino's Pizza - Nate Guthrie (9pm)
KIVA Lounge - Koodookoo (9pm)
Kissing Alley - Pepper's Blues and Black Bird (6pm)
Buzz Mill - Delano Taylor 
Wake The Dead - Allen & John (7pm)

FRIDAY: January 19

Kent Black’s BBQ – Emily Herring (6pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Bart Crow (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Peppers Blues (6pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Audrey Malone (9pm)
KIVA Lounge - The Cold Tony's (10pm)
Happy Cow -  Slim Bawb
Tantra Coffeehouse - Escapism Plan (7pm)
Middleton Brewing - Bill Middleton Band (6pm)
Performing Arts Center - Adam Unsworth (7:30pm)

SATURDAY: January 20

Kent Black’s BBQ – The Merles (6pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Wood and Wire (9pm)
KIVA Lounge - Humans and I (9pm)
KIVA Lounge  - Above the Seven Circles (10pm)
KIVA Lounge - Kairos (11pm)
KIVA Lounge - Our Last Daze (12am)
Buzz Mill - Bogan Villa (9pm)
Buzz Mill - Penny Farthing & The Cheapskates (10pm)
Happy Cow - Highway Hypnosis 
AquaBrew - Derek Thigpen Jazz Trio (11am)
Performing Arts Center - 2018 Horn Festival (9am)

SUNDAY: January 21

Kent Black’s BBQ – Gus Samuelson (1pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – 
AquaBrew - Alexander Rasmussen (11am)

MONDAY: January 22

Middleton Brewing - Open Mic (6pm)

TUESDAY: January 23

Riley’s Tavern – Troy Stone Band (8pm)
Happy Cow - Open Mic 
Valentino's Pizza - Robbers Roost, Michael Turnini, Z5 and Michael Alan Gill (6:30pm)