Plan Your Nights in San Marcos 

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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: July 10 - July 16


Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle (8pm)
KIVA  - Dose of Dance (9pm)
Rooster's - Poolboi Blu (6pm)
Tantra - Nate Guthrie (7pm)


The Growling – Nate Guthrie (8pm)
Hops & Grain  - Eric Scott Barr (7pm)
Industry - Nyles of Shaker Hymns (8pm)
Riley's Tavern - Jenna McDaniel (7pm)
Summer in the Park – Aztex ft. Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox (7:30pm)

FRIDAY: July 12

Cheatham St Warehouse – Kevin Galloway, Colby Weir (8pm)
Happy Cow – Slim Bawb (8:30pm)
Industry – Anthony Siracusa (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - AuraZora (8pm)
Kiva - Outside at Night, This Is Temporary, Fertility House, Hotdog Danzig (9pm)
Martindale River Cafe and Mercantile - Secondhand Street Band (8pm)
Middleton Brewing – The Humdingers (7pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mark Jungers (6pm) Brother Roscoe (9pm)
San Marcos BBQ - Stringtown Texas Band (6pm)
Tantra - Chad Bishop, Jeremy Parsons (7pm)
Zelick's - Bandreu (5:30pm)


Cheatham St Warehouse - Jake Ward (8pm)
The Coffee Bar - Ryan Quiet, Luke Williams (8:30pm)
Cuauhtemoc Hall - AJ Castillo, Ricky Naranjo y los Gamblers, Jesse the Jammer (7pm)
The Growling - AuraZora (9pm)
Happy Cow – RAGE (8:30pm)
Hops & Grain - Blumoon (3pm)
Industry - Jon the Hopeful (8pm)
JAMS - Jamming at Jams (2pm)
KIVA – Jay Satellite, The Swift Drag, Glasshealer, Economy Island (8pm)
Martindale River Cafe and Mercantile - Caroline Parker (8pm)

Middleton Brewing – Blank Floyd (7pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Kim Kafka & Dani Kerwood (7pm)
The Porch - Mark Gorman (4pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Moe Bandy (8pm)
Roughhouse – Brother Roscoe (3pm)
Tantra - Zach Deputy, The Refrains, Lantic (5pm)
Wake The Dead Coffee House - Attic Ted, Stretch Panic, Typical Girls (8pm)

SUNDAY: July 14

 – Manzy Lowry (1pm)
Ivar's River Pub - Austin Kinney & Friends (6pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Chris Lancaster (7:30pm)
Middleton Brewing – Don Reilly (3pm)

MONDAY: July 15

Buzz Mill - Open Mic Night (8pm)
Middleton Brewing - Open Mic Night (6pm)

TUESDAY: July 16

The Growling - Open Mic Night (9pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Rock Bottom String Band, Eric & Cass (8pm)