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Dunbar Park

Dunbar Park is located at the corner of Endicott and MLK Dr.  The park is 7 acres and the amenities include a Playground, Basketball Court, Softball Field, BBQ Grill, Picnic Tables, Benches and Trash Cans.  There is a Recreation Center that is available for rental, for information on rental fees and availability call 512-393-8400.

What's Near Here?

Kent Black's BBQ

A third generation pitmaster from Texas' legendary Black's BBQ Restaurant, Kent Black's BBQ is here to serve San Marcos' barbecue needs. 

Eddie Durham Park

Park features include band shelter, park benches and a small domino pavilion.

Calaboose African American Museum

Downtown | The Calaboose, Hays County’s first jailhouse, was built in 1873. The museum is a repository for artifacts and memories of the city’s African American past through letters, books and photographs.