Paddle SMTX

Experience the San Marcos River like never before, with a guided Paddle SMTX Glow SUP paddle adventure. Each board is equipped with waterproof LED lighting, with seven different color settings to choose from, that allows you to see the flora and fauna of the San Marcos River under the stars.

Another unique offering from Paddle SMTX is the larger-than-life SUPZILLA Paddle Barge for you and up to four friends to enjoy "party barge" style. Paddle SMTX also offers Paddle board yoga and guided trips during the daytime. 

Located at CabanaSMTX

Paddle SMTX offers:

  • Glow Light Night Tours

  • SUPZILLA Paddle Barge 

  • Group/ Private Paddleboard Lessons

  • Guided Tours

  • Paddle Board Yoga

What's Near Here?


CabanaSMTX provides year-round paddling instruction and equipment rentals to enjoy the San Marcos River. Experienced instructors and guides are here to outfit visitors for kayaking, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, swings, slides, slack lines or just a hammock.

San Marcos Iris Garden

This unique garden displays eight varieties of iris, and features the Tall Bearded Iris in colors of brilliant orange, violet, lavender and yellow blooms as well as bi-color variations of standards and falls.

San Marcos Discovery Center

Visit the San Marcos Discovery Center for information on exploring San Marcos’ natural beauty.