San Marcos Iris Garden

Designed and planted by Lee and Sandy Schroeder, the San Marcos Iris Garden is located between the San Marcos Tourist Information Center and the spring-fed San Marcos River.

This unique garden displays eight varieties of iris, and features the Tall Bearded Iris in colors of brilliant orange, violet, lavender and yellow blooms as well as bi-color variations of standards and falls.

Prime blooming traditionally occurs in early March through mid-April while blooms can also be seen mid-January through the end of April.

What's Near Here?

San Marcos Discovery Center

Visit the San Marcos Discovery Center for information on exploring San Marcos’ natural beauty. From serving as a trailhead to local rivers, parks and trails, to producing, and regularly selling, plants native to the area, the San Marcos Discovery Center houses a wealth of information about local flora and fauna. The San Marcos Discovery Center also coordinates and facilitates different youth services programs and implements programs and strategies for protecting the beautiful San Marcos River. 

Snorkel TX

Snorkel TX offers tours of the beautiful underwater landscape of the San Marcos River which is home to sunfish, blue tilapia, crayfish, red ear slider turtles and many more. 
Tours meet at Outdoor Olympic Center 

Crook Park

 16 acres of parkland located behind the San Marcos Tourist Information Center