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Unicycle Football- Playoffs

San Marcos Activity Center

First game is at 1:00pm and second game starts at 3:00pm
Unicycle Football is exactly as it sounds. American Football played entirely on unicycles. They play a 5 on 5 "flackle" (flag/tackle) variant on hard surface. There are a few minor adjustments in the rules to accommodate being on a unicycle but it's good ol' American Football as you know and love.

What's Near Here?

Sculpture Garden

An outdoor sculpture garden located on the grounds of the San Marcos Activity Center.

San Marcos Activity Center

The Activity Center has everything from state-of-the-art basketball courts to aerobic rooms, an indoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, and meeting rooms.

Chief Placido Memorial Statue

Life was hard for the early settlers of San Marcos, but it would have been considerably more challenging without the friendship and aid of Chief Placido and the Tonkawa.