Submit an Event

Thank you for your interest in promoting your San Marcos event. We are happy to help spread the word; but first, let's review the process. The San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau is funded through hotel occupancy taxes and as such everything we do is geared toward bringing visitors to San Marcos. This means there are stipulations on the events we promote. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your event.

Event Submission Policy Guidelines

Only events within the San Marcos, Texas area will be considered for inclusion. Events should be of interest to the traveling public and open to the general public. Fundraisers and Community Events will be considered for inclusion only if the event has the potential to draw visitors to San Marcos, Texas. This is at the discretion of the San Marcos CVB.

What do we do with your events?

When you submit an event, you are submitting it for consideration for possible use on calendar of events, promotional collateral, social media platforms, and other possible promotions. Submissions do not guarantee inclusion on one or all platforms.
For additional questions, email Clancy Hardin at