San Marcos Like a Local

Local Smoke Trailer Delivers Fresh Eats

July 10, 2013

San Marcos has seen a number of unique food trucks roll into town over the past year. With summer in full swing, and with many rushing to the outlets, the local food truck community has found a new batch of hungry patrons to feed. The Local Smoke trailer is one of several food trucks that have opened up at the outdoor Food Truck Plaza at Tanger Outlets in San Marcos. Food blog Slow Down & Savor recently published a review of The Local Smoke complete with colorful images. The following is an excerpt from the review written by Slow Down & Savor creator Katie Lewis.


I walked straight up to Local Smoke, and was greeted by the chef/owner. He was super busy, let me tell you, and that's the best problem to have. He was so nice, and apologized for the wait while he artistically built each locally sourced dish. But I didn't mind. Not at all. It gave me time to go over the brief, yet intricate and exciting menu. I couldn't help but smile reading all of the different applications that went into the dishes. 
The food they're serving over at Local Smoke is always fresh, locally-sourced and organic. This "Hill Country Cuisine," as owners Kevin Callahan and Joe Posenecker call it, comes by its name honestly. Every single leaf of lettuce, radish, beet and stalk of asparagus comes from the family farm in Buda, and other local area farms. The Local Smoke's daily menu is based on what is harvested that morning, and the meat is as fresh as it comes. Places like this really get my heart rate up, and my mouth watering. There's something so totally different about fresh picked produce. There's deep and interesting flavors, exciting textures and perfect color. It's just plain better, any way you look at it.

 The choices from the Like Mama Makes It side included grilled grits with a soft boiled chicken egg and winter veggie stew, ($5), and a spring greens salad with apple cider vinaigrette, duck egg, and marscapone cheese, ($4). Yep. Marscapone cheese. I'd never heard of marscapone on a salad, but I knew I wanted to test that out. The options from the On The Finer Side sounded truly amazing. The first was a red wine risotto, grilled duck breast, pickled radish with duck cracklins ($5) and the second was grilled asparagus, egg yolk dressing, house made ricotta and toast ($4). I made my decision, and I was going to order from BOTH menus. I chose the spring green salad and the red wine risotto with grilled duck breast and a Mexican Coke. After I paid my $11, I made my way to an empty picnic table, where I was able to bask in the truly glorious day that we were blessed with here in San Marcos, TX.
After a short wait, I was presented with my salad. It was bright and exciting. The greens were SO green, and the egg was beautifully colored and chopped. The marscapone was stark white and looked so beautiful contrasted against the bright green lettuce. 
As for taste? OH LORD. The apple cider vinaigrette was perfectly balanced between sweet, tart, sour and savory. The greens were super tender and ultra flavorful. I never thought of lettuce as having flavor before, but now I know the joy that is delicious lettuce. The marscapone was so crazy creamy and sweet, and the egg was so delicate, smooth and delicious. This wasn't just any old salad. I don't think that I'd go on and on about just any old salad.


Visit the Slow Down and Savor food blog to read the entire review and see what Katie thought of the grilled duck breast. The Local Smoke food trailer is located at the Tanger Outlets in San Marcos at 4015 South IH 35. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday from 11am - 6pm.

photos by Katie Lewis