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Capturing the Night - The Magic of San Marcos After Dark

October 8, 2014

The “Blood Moon” eclipse over downtown San Marcos

Photo blog by Andy Heatwole


Autumn has arrived and with it, a welcomed break from the summer heat. The cooler days and brisk evenings make it a perfect time to explore the many wonders that San Marcos has to offer.


Moonrise on Dante’s Trail in Lower Purgatory

As a photographer, I appreciate the natural beauty that's so prevalent here. It's amazing during the day but at night it becomes a different world, full of hidden life and vibrancy.

The full moon rises over Sewell Park

There’s a certain mystique about night photography that makes it different than shooting during the day.


 A train lights up the night as it crosses over the San Marcos River

Movement creates form, lights streak, colors shift, night turns to day and an ordinary flashlight can become a paintbrush.


Lightning flashes in the distance at Rio Vista

Photographs taken at night show us a world that’s just beyond our senses and the beauty that's revealed can be breathtaking.

The quiet beauty of downtown San Marcos just before dawn

San Marcos offers a wide array of photographic opportunities at night. From the light, movement and energy of The Square to the calm serenity of the San Marcos River, there's always something unique and interesting to photograph.

The Milky Way rises over “Grandma’s Oak” on the Upper Purgatory Trails

You can even catch the Milky Way just a few minutes from downtown in the Purgatory Creek Natural Area.


Andy Heatwole is a professional photographer and San Marcos native. He's spent the last decade photographing the natural wonders of the Central Texas area. His latest project, San Marcos Photos, is an effort to document the diverse beauty of his home town. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to see his new photos first!