San Marcos Like a Local

Ahh, That Fresh Roasted Smell!

December 10, 2014

By Katie Ogletree at Slow Down & Savor: A Food Blog.

While I may not be a huge fan of coffee, I love coffee houses. I love everything about them. From the smell, to the laidback and relaxed atmosphere, coffee shops are where it’s at. From way back when until now, I always found a lot of comfort and peace at a whole variety of coffee places, from New Jersey to California and of course, here in Texas. They’re cozy, comfy, usually have awesome seating, good music, and just the right amount of people watching to keep you entertained. Whether you’re stopping by for a long visit to get some work done, or meeting up with friends, or just to get a quick cup of Joe, coffee places are the perfect spot for pretty much everything. 


Well, guess what? I found an awesome new place just south of the San Marcos square that could be my next coffee shop hang-out destination. That’s right. Redbud Roasters provides a cozy place where you can hang out with friends, or get lost in a book while sipping on house-roasted coffee and munch on delicious wraps, and snacks.

So, what is this place? Where has it been all our lives? Redbud Roasters, founded in 2010, is a local spot owned by a super sweet Hill Country couple, Austin and Mary Van Zant. It’s a true mom and pop joint. You may actually have sipped their brew while visiting their trailer location at The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery. Yep. They were the ones who were open super early in the morning, and even when it was freezing cold out. That’s what you call dedication! Now they’ve got their very own brick and mortar establishment, and it’s very exciting.


They named their company after the redbud tree, a tree native to the area, to signify they are as local as it gets. Cool huh? Want to know something else really cool? All of their coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade, as well as 100% Arabica, the premium bean. They are also shade grown, which means that the coffee trees incorporate local ecology into their planning, which in turn also produces a rich taste. PLUS, they are roasted IN HOUSE for the freshest bean in the area. You really can’t get fresher than that, now can you? The answer is no. No you can’t.


What’s more is they offer hot and cold brewed coffee, espresso drinks, baked goods, sandwiches and wraps, and bags of freshly roasted coffee beans for you take home and enjoy in the comfort of your own comfortable set up.

The food is awesome, you guys. While not prepared in house by the coffee people, it’s still as fresh as it gets. A local caterer, Steger’s Chiffonade, crafts the sandwiches and wraps by hand. I mean, if you are after delicious food, Steger’s is what’s up. Super fresh ingredients and a lot of care and energy go into each dish she prepares, and you can tell based off your first bite.


The sweets come from Red Oak bakery in New Braunfels, and they’re so… they’re just so amazing. Nothing really goes better with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee than a perfectly prepared pastry or muffin. Nothing. I dare you to find something else. Good luck, because you can’t.


Basically, I love Redbud Roasters. From the family that owns the place, to the fact that they roast all their own beans in house, Redbud is a local gem that truly delivers time and time again.  

Katie Ogletree is the writer behind the blog Slow Down and Savor (SD&S). By sharing her experiences with food, whether at the eateries she visits or giving you a peek into the fun she has in the kitchen, Katie hopes that something you read sparks your interest into taking the leap to go somewhere new or become a daring cook and whip up a dish you never thought you could. Follow SD&D on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest to see what’s new!