San Marcos Like a Local

Instill A Love For The Outdoors Early

January 14, 2015

by John Hardy,  Founder and Executive Director at Epic Adventures

The 21st century has certainly brought today’s youth many exciting advancements in technology. Computers, mobile phones, tablets, and TV’s all provide many benefits to children, but being constantly “plugged-in” can cause an unbalanced lifestyle favoring high doses of indoor activities.

Fortunately, San Marcos, offers many activities to help motivate youth to put down their video controls, and embrace the outdoors.

Hiking San Marcos Natural Areas

The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance works hard to maintain hiking trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. The five most popular trails are Blanco Shoals, Purgatory Creek Greenspace, Ringtail Ridge Greenspace, Schulle Canyon, and Spring Lake Preserve. Make it a goal for your family to visit each of these hiking trails in 2015!

Uncover the Fun of Fishing with the Whole Family

The San Marcos area has reservoirs and streams that make ideal fishing destinations. Youth can fish for Bluegill, Blue Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, White Bass, and Rainbow Trout. Fishing licenses for adults and children can be purchased conveniently online at the Texas Parks & Wildlife website. For a more challenging fishing adventure, try fly fishing on the San Marcos River!

Bird and Wildlife Watching

San Marcos hosts a vast array of wildlife species. In fact, the San Marcos river is known to be one of the most biologically diverse aquatic ecosystems in Texas. Two endangered species, the Texas Blind Salamander and the San Marcos Salamander, are only found in a certain section of the river. Bird watchers are encouraged to visit natural areas during the winter, as many species of birds flock in from the north.

Therapeutic Horse Riding for Children and Teens

There are very few outdoor activities more thrilling than horseback riding. Aware Inc, a local San Marcos non-profit, offers therapeutic horseback riding for emotionally, mentally, or physically disabled youth. Volunteers are also welcomed throughout the year to assist with daily activities.

San Marcos River - Canoeing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and more!

The San Marcos River gives youth access to water sport activities year around. Is your child bored with kayaking or canoeing? Try stand up paddleboarding, which is a new Hawaiian style variation of surfing and paddleboarding.

John Hardy is the Founder and Executive Director at Epic Adventures. Epic Adventures provides offers outdoor adventure summer camps for teens. Check out some of Epic Adventures past summer trips photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.