San Marcos Like a Local

Centerpoint Station: Burgers & Boutique

March 5, 2015

by Jill Weddle

Despite being right across from hundreds of retail giants at the outlet mall, Centerpoint Station has no problem doing business. The old school charm of this previous filling station has visitors intrigued with all the jewelry, antiques, sweets, and best of all, burgers!

Shakes, malts, and Blue Bell ice cream are almost irresistible at the adorable sixties-themed ice cream bar right at the entrance. The next temptation is a few steps away: homemade fudge in eight different flavors. The only reason you’ll be able to pull yourself away is the smell of fresh hamburgers wafting in from the next room over.

Grab a menu from the bulletin bin and head up the ramp to order. The menu has everything from salads and wraps to chicken fried steak and hamburgers, and a display of baked goods will greet you at the register. Fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, fries and onion rings make up the list of sides. After you put your order in, leave your number on a table and kill some time by browsing around the boutique.

Texas memorabilia and antique signs fill the walls, but there are plenty of newer items, too (think boots, bling, and bags). It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique gift. Buy a piece of jewelry and they will box it up for you in true Centerpoint style. Is it just me, or does unique gift wrapping make a present 100% more personal?

Your food will be ready before you’ve had a chance to browse the whole store, and the first thing you’ll notice is that gleaming bun. It’s pretty easy to see they’re made fresh every day. The crispy onion rings are always a good choice, and if you’ve got room for dessert, the cinnamon rolls are out of this world. So are the milkshakes. And the fudge. And all the sweets. Really, I’ve never heard a complaint about the dessert selection.

With the unique Texas charm of Centerpoint station, you’ll forget you’re steps away from the interstate. Sometimes it’s nice to forget the worries of the world, think about what life was like in simpler times, and indulge in the homemade treats that remind you of your grandma.

Jill Weddle is a blogger who is on a mission to do everything there is to do and eat everything there is to eat in San Marcos, Texas! You can keep up with her San Marcos Bucket List adventures on her blog,Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.