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Thai Thai Cafe: The Wonderful World of Curry

August 26, 2015

by Jill Weddle

For curry-lovers looking to get their fix, Thai Thai Café is one of the few restaurants in town that offers the spicy South Asian specialty—and much more. The modest location off of North LBJ has been serving San Marcos for over a decade.

Upon first glance, there’s nothing special about Thai Thai. The restaurant is small, simple, and a bit unusual as far as the layout goes. My first visit was on a Tuesday during lunch, and the main dining room was full—always a good sign. My friend was shocked when I told her that after six years living in San Marcos, I had never been to Thai Thai. She swears by their Pad Thai and insisted we go as soon as possible. The waiter led us to the second room behind the register, which I had originally assumed was the kitchen.

The restaurant is undoubtedly authentic. It’s the true definition of a hole in the wall: quirky ambiance; quality food. Regulars rave about the Drunken Noodle: a stir-fried noodle dish made with chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and of course, plenty of spices. I opted for the broccoli chicken, and my friend got her usual Pad Thai.

The food is tasty and authentic. No frozen vegetables here. I found the broccoli chicken to be equally light and comforting. The enormous menu is also vegan and vegetarian friendly. They will gladly omit eggs and substitute meat for tofu upon request.

Beware: some dishes are spicier than others. If you find yourself crying and wiping your nose in between each bite, order a Thai Tea for dessert. It’s a deliciously creamy drink that soothes the taste buds after too much Thai spice. Since my first visit, I’ve been back to this dive many times, and I regret not having ventured into the wonderful world of curry sooner!

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