San Marcos Like a Local

The Top 10 Music Venues of San Marvelous

October 7, 2015

By Ricky Galindo

Get out and listen to some live music in San Marcos, Texas. Here are 10 of the best places to hear it.

#10 Happy Cow

Head south on Hunter Road to a little town named Hunter, Texas. Hunter supports two bars, a few vacant houses, and a railroad track. Funny, I think I just wrote a Josh Abbott song?

#9 Tantra Coffee House

Don’t let the name fool you, this really is a coffee house and a good one too.  They also dabble in music. Indie for life!

#8 The Green Parrot

El Loro Verde (as our ancestors called it) is right on The Square in downtown San Marcos. Easy to find, easy to park, and easy to forget 5 musicians who are probably in your playlist began on this stage.

#7 Hays County BBQ

I would be lying if I said the BBQ did not influence my decision on this one. I am not ashamed.

#6. Riley’s Tavern

This happens to be the oldest bar in Texas and Jason Boland mentions Riley's Tavern in his track titled "Comal County Blues." Also, I have heard through the grapevine about a battle for the “Best Bar” in Hunter, Texas. So, I purposely put Riley’s at #6 and Happy Cow at #10 to see if I can start a pricing war. If this works expect beer in Hunter to be somewhere in the neighborhood of “Damn.” Let the battle begin…

#5 Jack's Roadhouse

If there was ever a spinoff of Cheers and it was dubbed (for the sake of argument) Cheers-Texas, it would have been filmed in Jack's Roadhouse. I would imagine Randy Rogers and Kyle Park would be song swapping in the background and I would be good at pool.

#4 Triple Crown

Live. Music. Every. Night.

#3. The Marc

This is the town favorite and for a good reason. Where else are you going to catch Blue October or a live filming session of the Texas Music Scene?

#2 Taxi's

 A musician who offers his venue to the next generation of guitar pickers, check. Tip of the hat to you Taxi's, don’t ever change.

#1 Cheatham Street Warehouse

There is a long history inside these four walls and they add to it every night with acts ranging from Manzy Lowry to Wade Bowen. Cheatham Street Warehouse is number one because of their everyday attempt to tell a story with a new voice.