San Marcos Like a Local

Quality Wine. Craft Beer. Food Pairings. Oh My!

December 2, 2015

by Stephanie Bryant

As the year begins to wind down things are just getting started for Patio Dolcetto, the new wine lounge and bier garden tucked away south of downtown. Driving down Cheatham Street, one would barely recognize the almost decade-old building that was once just another home along the road. Ryan and Jean Paul are not only business partners, but also childhood friends who have cultivated an atmosphere all their own, featuring works from local artists throughout the venue. Over 65 varieties of wine and an assortment of artisan brews ranging in price make this a great spot to expand your pallet and try something new.

By day, the owners focus on their careers from the upstairs offices, leaving the evenings and weekends free to manage this new venture as operations get underway. Jean Paul and Ryan have left no stone unturned as they handselected everything on the menu, from wine to cheese, and designed the interior themselves. The two appear to make a great team as Ryan can be described as the visionary, while Jean Paul is able to render the final product. These Texas State alumni left San Marcos after graduating, but decided to return to the town that always made them happiest.

Drawing by Norman Bean

A variety of local artists are featured throughout the venue, with most pieces having a three dimensional aspect to them. The owners hope to provide a place to showcase local work and help create more exposure for artists. The array of art throughout the community, combined with an admiration of those who take the time to craft artistic works, is what inspired the owners to highlight such endeavors. While hesitant to label themselves as artists, Jean Paul and Ryan made the bar-top themselves out of a local pecan tree, with inlays of jade and other precious stones forming the San Marcos River.

The extensive list of wines and craft beers is meant to cater to the casual, as you don’t need to be a vino aficionado to enjoy this locale. While selecting their product, the pair was looking for great wines at a reasonable price to offer their customers. The menu is extremely informative, with the body, aroma and flavors being listed out for those who may not know exactly what they are looking for. With lots of Texas libations, craft cocktails, and even a few appetizer options, Patio Dolcetto has something for anyone looking to sit, sip and savor.

In an effort to “create their own favorite hang out”, Jean Paul and Ryan have given San Marcos the wine bar so many have been waiting for. The word is out and it won’t be long before this unique venue is bustling with business. Patrons are encouraged to cycle over for a 10% discount, with ample space to put up your bike on the rake in the back. Whether you’re looking to view some local art or enjoy an evening on the patio, this wine lounge and bier garden is certainly a spot worth the visit!