San Marcos Like a Local

One Day, Four Margaritas

February 22, 2016

Taste-testing for National Margarita Day in San Marcos is a tough job but I felt up to the challenge. Full disclosure, I am normally a beer drinker so my tequila pallet may be a bit rusty.

Sounds of San Marcos: Taylor Tompkins and the Trainwrecks

February 17, 2016

Taylor Tompkins and the TrainWrecks are a fun group whom in a short amount of time established a real presence in the San Marcos music scene.

Show the Love for Under $10

February 8, 2016

Whether it’s romantic love, friendship love or family love, Valentine’s Day is the time we show our appreciation. No need to break the bank though. Here are a few ideas under $10 that will surprise and delight even the most ornery Valentine. And they are all made San Marcos, so bonus points!