San Marcos Like a Local

One Day, Four Margaritas

February 22, 2016

by Charlotte Wattigny 

Taste-testing for National Margarita Day in San Marcos is a tough job but I felt up to the challenge. Full disclosure, I am normally a beer drinker so my tequila palate may be a bit rusty.

Pictured above is the Palmarita from Palmer's Restaurant.

Palmer’s Restaurant & Bar

218 Moore St. • (512) 353-3500

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at Palmer’s on the edge of downtown San Marcos – perfect for sitting in their courtyard. Got to love our mild winters! They make a number of infused tequila margaritas but their signature drink, the Palmerita, drew me in right away. Made with Cazadores Reposado tequila and Patron Citronge, the Palmarita is topped with raspberry bits and cranberry juice. Mmmm! These give it a refreshing flavor and what better way to get those extra serving of fruits, right?!



Chimy's Cerveceria

217 E. Hopkins St. • (512) 216-6175

I’ve spent many a happy hour at Chimy’s but this time instead of my usual cold mug of Ziegenbock, I ordered their Cadillac Margarita…purely for research purposes of course. Traditional Cadillacs are made with top shelf reposado tequila instead of blanco and skip the triple sec. Chimy’s rendition does not disappoint. Cazadores tequila, Patron orange liqueur, sweer & sour and a splash of sprite make for a very smooth margarita.


I had to research reposado tequila since I’m not anything close to an aficionado (i.e. dedicated beer drinker) to get a feel for the difference. For the other couple of you that don’t know either, reposado is tequila that has been rested and aged in wood barrels for two to 12 months to create a golden hue and a smooth, clean taste that is a good balance between Agave and wood flavors. So now we both know.



Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant

706 S. Guadalupe St. • (512) 392-9302

At Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant I chose the Cucumber Chamoy. Holy guacamole was this good! Chamoy is made from fruit pulp and a mixture of lime, spices and chiles. It is sweet and a little bit sour at the same time, with a spicy kick that makes you want more. The cucumber gives it a crisp bite and since I usually only have them in a salad, I considered this dinner. Bonus!



Grins Restaurant 

802 N. LBJ Dr. • (512) 392-4746

The last margarita I tried was at Grins Restaurant. Last only because this longtime San Marcos tradition has a great deck and is close to home making the Uber ride short. That, and 99¢ happy hour margaritas. Yes, that’s right, 99¢. They can be ordered on the rocks but personally I like them frozen. Strawberry margarita? Sangria margarita? Classic margarita? Decisions are difficult but I kept it classy with the classic. Sweetly sour in limey swirls of brain-freeze tequila goodness. So a couple of margaritas, a side of chips & salsa plus tip and I’m all in for about ten dollars.

My taste buds had quite the adventure and one afternoon has almost made a margarita convert out of this long time-beer lover. Almost. But I’ll definitely do it again before National Margarita Day comes around once more. Cheers!