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Sounds of San Marcos: Taylor Tompkins and the Trainwrecks

February 17, 2016

By Ricky Galindo

“I lay around and cuss the morning sunlight and since you took off ain’t a damn thing changed..”
Lucky Strikes by Taylor Tompkins and the Trainwrecks.

Band members: 

  Taylor Tompkins (Lead vocals, Guitar)

  Matt Hart (Drums)

  Ryan Kennedy (Lead Guitar)

  Bryan Cooper (Bass)

Founded: August 2015

Location: San Marcos, Texas

Genre: Alternative Country/Rock


Facebook: TaylorTompkinsAndTheTrainwrecks

Booking Information:

Reverb Nation:

“I just wanted to play” Taylor Tompkins said casually. While his reasoning may sound cavalier, his approach to the bands’ performance and booking are anything but. In a short amount of time Taylor has made his rounds through the San Marcos music scene finding pieces to his band and making firends along the way. His demeanor is comforting and work production, motivating.

Taylor operates two separate Open-Mic night’s, every Monday at Jack’s Roadhouse and every Tuesday at Gold Crown. Leaving Wednesday through Sunday available for booking though the 7th Planet Entertainment Group, a booking agency for local and regional musicians. Lets meet the band…


Taylor Tompkins (Vocals/Guitar): Born August 1991 in Lubbock, Texas. Taylor grew up near the Tyler area in Smith County on the tunes of his granddad’s radio. Northeast Texas is known for its music venues and luckily for Taylor, poor security. At 17 Taylor would find himself in bars around town watching and listening to the local talent. He would eventually attend Texas A&M in College Station and find his way to San Marcos, following the music.

Matt Hart (Drums): Born February 1992 in Illinois and childhood friends with Taylor. Matt Hart could be viewed as the linchpin to the band. Fortunately for the TrainWrecks the civil war between Matts’ alma mater, the University of Texas, and Taylors’ alma mater, Texas A&M University, is relegated to sports.

Ryan Kennedy (Lead Guitar): Born October 1986, size is soulful with Ryan Kennedy. The gentle giant grew up on a steady diet of Blues and Gospel just south Houston. Ryan often played with another musician around town and just as often on his own before teaming up with the TrainWrecks. He is featured with Taylor in the video below.

Bryan Cooper (Bass): The Texas panhandle has produced some wonderful talent and Bryan Cooper from little Lockney, Texas, can be added to that list. Both Rock and Country fill the Bryan Cooper resume’. 

Taylor Tompkins and the TrainWrecks are a fun group whom in a short amount of time established a real presence in the San Marcos music scene. The group plays throughout the state and will update venue dates through their website We encourage you to “like” the band page on Facebook as well as the Raven Radio page. Raven Radio highlights local San Marcos and regional artist with beautifully intimate video of the artists’ latest work. A simple follow does wonders for this new project.


Photography by Sarah Rosebud Photography.

Video by the Raven Radio. (Thank you for the Video)


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