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Sounds of San Marcos: Chris Carroll

March 31, 2016

By Ricky Galindo

“The strength I’ve acquired is not easily gained, it’s taken trouble and time to make me this way.” Trouble & Time by Chris Carroll.


Singer/Songwriter: Chris Carroll

Founded: January 2003.

Location: San Marcos, Texas.

Genre: Americana, Blues, Folk, Jazz.


It would be something if I could properly portray the soothing voice of Chris Carroll with a string of well-placed adjectives, but I cannot. Storyteller, emotional chaperone, friend on stage, it all falls short of conveying the first experience of her voice in the famed Cheatham Street Warehouse. Between the storied wall panels, which for over 50 years have echoed voices and lyrics I have only heard through the radio, I was nostalgic - in every sense of the word.


Chris Carroll is originally from St. Catherines, Ontario, a shipping community along the southern shores of Lake Ontario. At a young age, she had a teacher who sparked the musical flame. She notes in her website bio, while her choir teacher may have introduced her to her passion, her grandmother would voice the phrase that would allow her to chase her dreams, “Play your music.” Roughly a decade later, that loving phrase would guide her to the Texas Hill Country and we can thank our lucky stars for that. Below is Chris Carroll’s 2014 debut album, Trouble & Time. Mike Ethan Messick, of Lone Star Music Magazine, creates a beautiful description of her music.


“She fleshes out original songs of love and youthful vulnerability with warm layers of keyboard, mandolin, and harmonica. Not one to adopt a phony Texas twang just to fit in, Carroll’s trebly yet sturdy voice echoes Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fame, a dreamy instrument given extra gravity by her saddest and sweetest compositions
 (‘Just Like That,’ ‘Nothing More’)”. By Mike Ethan Messick of Lone Star Music Magazine.



With concert season in full swing and tour locations listed as far as West Virginia, do not miss Chris Carroll in San Marcos next time she plays at Cheatham Street Warehouse. Chris and her husband, Adam Carroll – an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right – both perform locally and around the nation. See a full list of dates and location below.


Chris Carroll Tour Dates Include:

• April 15 - The Blue Door - Oklahoma City, OK.

• April 21 - Magnolia Motor Lounge - Fort Worth, TX.

• May 10 - House Concert - Richmond, VA.

• May 19 - Mid Ohio Valley American Music Series - Parkersburg, WV.

• May 25 - Ambyr’s Music Hall House Concert - Richmond, VA.

• July 16 - Red Dragon Listening Room - Baton Rouge, LA.


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