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Sounds of San Marcos: Blue Water Highway Band

July 20, 2016

By Ricky Galindo

“With all the changes coming down I’m falling in the aisle, and we’re growing older babe. Will you pick me up on your way? Cause when nothing stays the same It’s the things we carry,” Things We Carry by the Blue Water Highway Band.


Band Members:

   Zack Kibodeaux (Vocals)

   Catherine Clark (Vocals)

   Gregory Essington (Guitar)

   Zach Landreneau (Keyboard)

   Kyle Smith (Bass)

   Chris Walker (Drums)

Founded: March 2013

Location: San Marcos, Texas

Genre: Americana



Thoughtful lyrics paired with a refreshing delivery, the Blue Water Highway Bands’ presentation of life’s experiences is engaging. Simply put, they make Americana sound youthful and present. The BWHB was established in March 2013 and was a mainstay on the temporarily defunct Triple Crown stage (come back soon). Many of those early performances must have been a treat to friends and passerby’s. Wonderfully harmonic, it is no surprise that in three short years the talented collection of storytellers now draws more than the San Marcos nightlife. Opening performances for Pat Green, Zane Williams, and stand-alone touring dates are paving the road to bigger and brighter things for the little band from San Marcos.


The BWHW audience has also drawn the attention of renowned music aficionados. Here is a short version of what is a long list of high praise:    

 “Their delivery, timing, lyrics, and harmonies and overall musicianship make them the real deal. On top of it all, they are good guys and true professionals. Simply put, I was blown away with their live show.”
Terri Hendrix-Singer/songwriter.


“The Blue Water Highway Band is the best new band that I’ve heard in years. Their vocals are spot on and their writing is smart and thoughtful. They’re very serious and impressive musicians.’’
Lloyd Maines-Blue Rock Texas.


“Texas’ Blue Water Highway Band has gone out of its way over the past few years to establish itself as something decidedly different from most of its rootsy peers: exotic.”
Mike Ethan Messick-Lone Star Music Magazine. 


If numbers are your quantitative, the amount of streams on Spotify will grab your attention. “Medicine Man”, the single off the Things We Carry album, is closing in on 60,000 streams as of this blog’s publishing date, and the album has surpassed 100,000 in total. Below is the complete version of the Blue Water Highway Band full-length album titled Things We Carry for your listening pleasure. 100,000 plus streams cannot be wrong. 

In an age of compressed sound and altered vocals it is remarkably comforting to find artists who’s live performance is equal to the product. Find out for yourself at any of the upcoming Texas dates/venues: 

AUG 19...Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio

AUG 20...Blaine's Pub, San Angelo

SEP 2.......The Backyard, Waco

SEP 3.......Stubb's, Austin

SEP 8.......The Tap, College Station

SEP 17.....Western Son Distillery, Pilot Point


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