San Marcos Like a Local

San Marcos Margaritas

February 22, 2017

Taste-testing margaritas in San Marcos is not a job for the faint of heart, but we found the courage to give it a go, again... From bold and spicy to sweet and tangy, we embarked on a tequila-filled mission to taste a handful of notable, local gems. So, let our margarita wisdom guide you on the most festive of occasions - National Margarita Day.  



There’s truly no better way to kick off a margarita marathon than by jumping right on in, and you can bet we did just that with a Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita at Zelicks. We were mesmerized watching our awesome bartender, Brian, muddle all of the fresh ingredients. You could taste the craftsmanship in just one sip. The bite of the jalapeño complimented the crisp flavor of the cilantro perfectly and we found all of our senses buzzing from the spicy punch.


We followed the spicy Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita with a sweet Strawberry Margarita. The Strawberry Margarita was what we would consider more of a traditionally-sweet margarita with an exceptional fruity flavor. It’s easy to forget that the strawberry concoction contains hard liquor, as it is easy to sip your way through one or two without meaning to – so heed our warning if this is stop one along your margarita journey.



Next, we ventured to CraftHouse, a fairly new addition to downtown San Marcos, that makes some seriously tasty in-house infusions. After our spicy Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita, we decided to cool things down with CraftHouse’s Cucumber Margarita. With crisp cucumber and citrus, the Cucumber Margarita was a light and refreshing choice full of flavor.


Next up on the list was the Mixed Berry Margarita. In our opinion, if you’re going to spend an afternoon drinking margaritas, it’s a good idea to have some fresh fruit thrown in. You know, for nutritional sustenance… The Mixed Berry Margarita comes adorned with fresh blueberries, strawberries and black berries – a trifecta we can certainly get behind. Drinking this margarita is almost as fun as licking off the Pop Rock rimmed glass, a fun change to the usual salt or sugar.


Now, we would like to add a full disclaimer here, and tell you our margarita journey took a span of two days to accomplish. We here at the San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau do not condone drinking and driving and would hope anyone having a wonderful #SMTXperience would drink responsibly, or call a friend/taxi/ride share for a ride home. We carry on…


Elevate Bar + Table

We changed things up by heading to the south side of town for happy hour at Elevate. While Elevate has your traditional margaritas, they also have an exceptional staff who are eager to whip you up an off-the-menu margarita based on your likes and dislikes. With all of their syrups made in-house, you can taste the care they take in making each drink. Homemade Strawberry-Banana Syrup and Blackberry Syrup were artfully mixed into our respective drinks and we were delighted with the fruity outcome.


While the drinks are truly delicious, we found ourselves charmed by the beautiful garnishes. The blackberry with mint topper floating on an orange peel was highly entertaining and made us a little sad to see it sink with each sip.


Palmer’s Restaurant

We ended our thirst-quenching quest with a trip to Palmer’s. We ordered a Palmerita, a delightful blend of raspberry bits and cranberry juice that gave the sweet drink a tangy bite we find ourselves craving while writing this, even days after enjoying. The Hibiscus Orange Signature Infusion was a spectacular recommendation from our server. The floral and citrus blend made the perfect conclusion to a wonderful evening.  While we chose to enjoy our margaritas on the courtyard between the beautiful fountain and a table who ordered the delicious smelling table-side guacamole, the romantically moody bar inside would also make an excellent spot to spend an evening.


All settled into our favorite shady spot on the Palmer’s patio, we had a congratulatory “cheers” for another year of San Marcos margarita merriment. Now, we countdown until National Margarita Day 2018. Salud!