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Sounds of San Marcos: Manzy Lowry

February 8, 2017

Founded: January 2008
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Genre: Americana/Rock

More than a few notable musicians have fine-tuned their talents at Cheatham Street Warehouse during Kent Finlay's Songwriters Circle. Texas musician, Manzy Lowry, is one of the talented artists drawn to Songwriters Circle and earned high praise from the late Kent Finlay himself.

“When you bring my friend Manzy Lowry and his band to play in your town, they will take the stage with all the intensity of a West Texas thunderstorm and make themselves as welcome as a good West Texas rain! It can’t get any better than that!” – Kent Finlay

Lowry went to the weekly Songwriters Circles for three or four years before earning a gig at Cheatham Street Warehouse. With stunning lyrics and haunting imagery, Lowry is a true storyteller who commands an audience, often times without raising his voice above a growl or whisper. 

Lowry’s outlaw country vibe certainly radiates from his original songs - a little rough around the edges and undeniably Texan. A reflection of the artist, as well as the historic building where he spent Wednesday night all those years.


Lowry and his band create music with a “just roll with it” charm, allowing them to take unexpected turns and wring every drop of emotion out of the lyrics.

“They write all their own music,” said Lowry. “Once you start accepting different types of rhythms and everything, things will pop up that maybe no one could see before. Even if it takes off the path you were on, this new direction may be worth taking.” 

Lowry and his band are currently working on a new album to be released this year. The new not-yet-named album is being engineered and produced by David Beck, producer of albums from Canvas People, Sons of Fathers, Blue Healers and Daniel Driver.

“The album has longevity and it can be tangible, right? But that’s what makes the live performances special,” said Lowry. “The “you’re not there,” aspect. That’s when you get the beautiful. People don’t forget that.”

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