San Marcos Like a Local

Let's Taco Bout San Marcos

May 5, 2017

San Marcos has a plethora of outstanding Mexican restaurants. From large and colorful establishments, to small and quirky family-owned cafes, San Marcos loves them all! We wanted to share a few of our favorite “hidden gems” around town, and therefore had to put the tacos to the test. Taste-testing tacos in San Marcos is not for the faint of heart, but we gave it our best shot. We suggest putting your stretchy pants on and clearing your schedule, because you’re going to want to give them all a try too.


Rogelio’s Restaurant

Nestled in a neighborhood and decorated with bright murals, Rogelio’s Restaurant gives of a warm and welcoming vibe. Naturally, such a comforting environment called for some comfort food. We went with Wilbon and Ginger’s Tacos Al Carbon, a shredded brisket smothered in Salsa Ranchero on two warm tortillas with a side of Pico de Gallo. We suggest not wearing a white outfit when taking on the Tacos Al Carbon… We also ordered the Crispy Chicken Tacos, two fresh and crispy taco shells stuffed with flavorful chicken with Pico de Gallo on the side.


Palm Café

Quiet and quaint, Palm Café is a great place to take the family. We helped ourselves to a generous portion of chips and salsa before digging into the Puffy Taco Plate, we opted for the beef fajita version, and a Super Taco. Yes, you read that correctly, super taco. We went for the Carne Guisada Super Taco with pico, guacamole and cheese. Come hungry, leave with a few stains on your clothes – well worth it!


Taqueria El Charro

Located in downtown San Marcos, Taqueria El Charro is a convenient place to grab a taco or two. We ordered the Minitaquitos, five bite-sized corn tortillas loaded with beef or chicken, cilantro, grilled onion and a mandatory squirt of lime juice, and the Tacos a la Parrilla plate, two fluffy flour tortillas topped with chicken fajita meat, grilled onion, cilantro and lime. We were big fans of the fresh salsa that had a pico de gallo texture with the kick of a traditional salsa – yum!


Just a quick walk from Texas State University, Chepo’s is a popular place around lunchtime. With empty stomachs, we got straight to business. We ordered the scrumptious Puffy Tacos, which were the perfect fluffy texture and are best eaten with a fork and knife, and the Fish Tacos, served with grilled onions, peppers and a squeeze of lime. Both were delicious and left us eager for a quick siesta!


What are some of your favorite “hidden gems” in San Marcos? Let us know in the comments!