San Marcos Like a Local

Family-Friendly SMTXperiences

June 15, 2017

It’s summer break and the task of planning your family’s vacation is in full swing! You’ll want a vacation where you can relax, eat great food, go on adventures and have some educational component to keep the kids’ minds sharp during the months out of school. And, it would be a plus, to get everyone away from their tech devices – are we right? Look no further, we have a perfect trip planned for you!

San Marcos Murals

June 7, 2017

Walking around San Marcos is a sensory experience. The smells, colors, textures and tastes of San Marcos tell a story of the city, its citizens and the unique culture that developed in the oasis town between San Antonio and Austin. One of the most important San Marcos cultural staples is the blossoming art scene. With an ever-growing collection of murals, sculptures, galleries and more, San Marcos has created a thriving culture for art lovers and artists alike.