San Marcos Like a Local

Comfort Food Around The World

January 18, 2019

Winter is here. And what do you do when the skies turn gray and the temperature drops? You indulge in comfort food, of course! San Marcos has plenty of comfort food options, but did we want enchiladas or soup? A hearty Shepherd’s Pie or Pad Thai? Or maybe, lasagna… We simply couldn’t decide so we decided to eat our way around the world, all while staying in San Marcos.


Shai Yo Thai

First stop, Thailand! Sometimes you just need a massive helping of noodles to get you through the day, and Shai Yo Thai was there to help. This lunch portion of Pad Thai came with a Crispy Spring Roll, and of course, we had to get a side of Kanom Jeep – yum! Go ahead and clear your schedule after this lunch, you’re going to need a nap.


Italian Garden

We can’t do a comfort food roundup without including Italy – heavy sauces, dense pastas and the bread, oh the bread. Naturally, we headed to Italian Garden on a particularly dreary afternoon to lift our spirits. Lasagna was our comfort dish of choice and oh boy did we choose well. The baskets, yes, multiple baskets of rolls for two people, don’t judge, drove us to change into our stretchy pants for the rest of the day.


Blue Dahlia Bistro

Put on your snazziest striped shirt and a wool beret, because we are going to France via the San Marcos square! Blue Dahlia is the perfect place to perch and people or weather watch downtown. We can’t get enough of their rich Coq Au Vin Blanc that comes with greens and, as the French do, pain et buerre! (Bread and butter)


Sean Patrick’s

Now we hop over to the Emerald Isle, or actually, the south side of the square… Sean Patrick’s is a great place to enjoy local craft beer (they make themselves) and dig into a warm, savory pie! After much deliberation, this trip we had to go for an Irish classic, Shepherd’s Pie. The Shepherd’s Pie made us want to snuggle up in a fisherman’s sweater and stay all afternoon to drink responsibly and hang out with the fun folks, but alas, we have one more stop on our culinary journey.



Have a bad day? Treat yourself to enchiladas and tamales. Have a good day? You guessed it, treat yourself to enchiladas and tamales. In our book, it’s always a good time for Mexican food, and for this outing we decided to visit our friends at Rogelio’s. We abandoned all sense of restraint at this stop and ordered the Federal Plate. What’s a few extra pounds at this point? The Federal Plate is a combo that includes an enchilada, chalupa, tamale and a taco. What’s that you say? Absolute heaven? Why yes, yes it was!


So, there you have it, comfort food around the world right here in San Marcos. What food challenge should we do next? Let us know in the comments and once we’ve wiggled back into our normal pant sizes we will take it on!