San Marcos Like a Local

San Marcos Cinema

March 24, 2020

Photo from the film Piranha (1978)

Not being able to visit San Marcos is a real bummer. We know you miss our quirky downtown, crystal-clear river, lush natural areas, yummy food, vibrant art scene and incredible shopping – and we won’t rub it in. So, while you’re hunkered down at home, we created a list of movies and shows filmed in San Marcos for you! Some of these are 15 seconds of San Marcos glory and some were filmed here in their entirety. Let us know which ones are your favorites!

Friday Night Lights, Hulu

Boyhood, Amazon

Piranha, Hulu

Yakona, free on Vimeo

The Ringer, Hulu

The Getaway, Hulu

Courage Under Fire, Amazon

American Crime, Netflix

Everybody Wants Some!!, Amazon

The New Guy, Amazon

Race With the Devil, Amazon

The Tree of Life, Hulu

The Faculty, Amazon

Flesh and Bone, Amazon

Idiocracy, Hulu