San Marcos Like a Local

Autumn in San Marcos

September 22, 2020

While it’s hard to beat summer in San Marcos, autumn just might give it a run for its money. The temperature drops to a comfortable range, comfort food graces restaurant menus, football gives us something to look forward to weekly and seasonally flavored beverages become autumnal rites of passage.

San Marcos September Updates

September 11, 2020

This year, summer looked a bit different in San Marcos as our community needed to make some adjustments in order to keep everyone safe. As the busy summer months come to a close, we have started to find our footing a little more and are beginning to reopen some of the things that we all have missed.

History of Tourism in San Marcos

September 3, 2020

San Marcos has been a popular spot for visitors since, well, roughly 12,000 years ago… The Clovis Indians, the oldest known inhabitants of the western hemisphere, left some artifacts behind from their stay and ever since then people have been coming to enjoy the wonders of San Marcos.