San Marcos Like a Local

Virtual San Marcos Events in October

October 2, 2020

Culture, history, art and more - just because COVID-19 put a damper on our in-person events doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little San Marcos to you in your very own home! A 5K, Powwow and several theatre productions, October is a great month for virtual events San Marcos style.

Sacred Springs Powwow

September 15 – November 21

While normally we’d see you all at Spring Lake for the annual Powwow festivities, this year you can participate via your computer, tablet or smart phone. Also, instead of one weekend of Powwow, this year you can participate for more than two months! You can expect to see featured vendors, educational components, all things Native Culture, and our personal favorite, the dance competition. With new things being added over time, you’re sure to learn something new about the Native American culture each visit.


TXST Virtual Theatre presents: LoveWave – A Virtual Dating Experience

October 5-11

Going back to a time before finding love by swiping on your phone, several quirky lonely-hearts shoot their video profiles for a chance at love on the LoveWave 2000 VHS (ha!) dating service. Can you help these poor victims of both loneliness and fashion find love and fulfillment?


TangerFIT Virtual 5K

October 11-18

Do you need some motivation to get out and get active? The virtual TangerFIT 5K is just the thing! This virtual 5K allows you to create your own course and go at your own pace. It's also pretty convenient that it's about four miles to walk the entire San Marcos Outlet Shopping Center. So technically you could multitask while getting your mileage in...


A Virtual Homecoming

October 12-18

Turn down the lights, pour yourself a glass of whatever floats your boat (bonus points if it was made in San Marcos), grab your favorite snacks and get comfy for a night of dancing by Opening Door Dance Theatre.


TXST Virtual Theatre presents: A Piece of My Heart

October 19-25

A Piece of My Heart follows the true stories of six courageous women sent to Vietnam and their struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them and a nation that shunned them. You might want to have the tissues close by for this one…


TXST Virtual Theatre presents: Love & Information

October 26 - November 1

Love & Information is a kaleidoscopic play of short scenes addressing contemporary issues about knowledge, technology, communication and our capacity for love. We think this would be the perfect theatrical performance to watch on a virtual date night!