San Marcos Like a Local

Hittin' The Trails In San Marcos, Texas

December 29, 2020

Between the usual stress of the holidays and the black hole between Christmas and New Year’s Day (if you’re like us, those days are spent in a horizontal position) you may be needing a little energy boost only an outdoor journey can bring. San Marcos is home to trails of all fitness and activity levels, so no matter how adventurous you’re feeling, you’ll find just the right spot.

21 SMTXperiences To Do In 2021

December 28, 2020

The idea of setting goals like “lose weight” or “stop biting nails” after a year of sitting on our couch in stretchy pants that used to be a little looser and biting our (freshly washed for 20 seconds) nails every time the news comes on is daunting to say the least. So, we put together some fun, and pandemic-friendly, goals to put on your list instead.

21 Till 2021 Photo Challenge

December 7, 2020

Let's celebrate the end of 2020 (finally) with a photo challenge! For the final 21 days of 2020, we have a photo prompt per day for you to complete.