San Marcos Like a Local

Chief and the Doomsday Device

January 15, 2014

The following is an excerpt from the San Marcos Daily Record.

By Kaitlin Schmidt - Features Editor 

Greg Williams grew up in a musical family. Music has always been a part of his life. It’s a way of expressing himself.

He’s a staple of the San Marcos local music scene. Most people know him as Chief. 

“It’s just always been around. I grew up around the age where music schools were starting programs,” Chief said. “Hip-hop was kind of coming on the scene. It was a different exploration of music and it seemed to be completely open. New ground.”

Chief says music has intrigued him his whole life, but when he was 15 he started performing professionally in Austin where he grew up. He mowed lawns for a year to save up for turntables. Then he spent another year or two locked in his room making music with his parents’ old records.

“I was trying to figure out that the people that I was listening to were doing,” Chief said.

It didn’t take long for him to get lost in the music. Performing on stage was exhilarating and, as a theater lover, he compares it to acting.

“In theater, you get lost in a character but with music you spend so much time writing these songs and exploring parts of yourself and exploring what you see that when you get out there on stage, more so than getting lost in the character, you’re getting lost in these thoughts that you’ve organized,” Chief said. “That give and take is really rewarding when you see that you’re making a connection with people.”

Then-Southwest Texas State University brought Chief to San Marcos. He majored in broadcasting. He started at KTSW and immediately got to do a specialty show.

“It was so cool. Through that show I met a bunch of local musicians and creative folks,” Chief said. “One of those callers led to a band, Liquid Stereo Project. The band was still going well when I graduated so I just decided to stay here.” Chief performs locally every Monday night at the Triple Crown for Doomsday Mondays and is the resident DJ for Foodstock three times a year. He’s also performed all around the country and internationally.

The Triple Crown is a place where musical lovers and musicians can come together.

“The Triple Crown really appreciates local music. I’ve played bars all around the states and on a couple of different continents and there are very few bars out there that truly embrace musicians like the Triple Crown,” Chief said. “They’re the kind of place that you can do an open mic and if they like you, they’ll bring you back and they’ll show you how to book a show and almost kind of try to cultivate talent and helping folks know that they’ve got a home.”

Though he’s found a home in San Marcos, Chief is on the road to bigger things. Always striving to be better. 

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