San Marcos Like a Local

Space to Meet in San Marcos, TX

August 12, 2020

Just a few months ago crowded ballrooms, handshakes, high traffic touchpoints and buffet lunchbreaks were standard for conferences, meetings and events. But now, the thought musters up anxiety and uncertainty. Just because our traditional idea of these are events are “so 2019,” doesn’t mean that navigating the ever-changing meeting requirements has to be overwhelming.

Murals of San Marcos, Texas

August 12, 2020

Walking around San Marcos is a sensory experience. The smells, colors, textures and tastes of San Marcos tell a story of the city, its citizens and the unique culture that developed in the oasis town between San Antonio and Austin. One of the most important San Marcos cultural staples is the blossoming art scene.

Outdoor Dining in San Marcos

August 5, 2020

Patios, sidewalk seating, courtyards and more – taking your meals outside allows you to change up the atmosphere, soak up some fresh air and support local businesses all at the same time! We’ve rounded up some of our local eateries with outdoor seating for you to choose from.

Legend Has It...

July 27, 2020

From tall tales to totally true and everything in between, San Marcos is full of interesting, quirky and downright thrilling stories. Bank robberies, brave citizens, old rivalries and more than our share of mischief – we’ve rounded up a couple of local legends to share with you.

How To Explore San Marcos Safely

July 21, 2020

From packing the right things to knowing the best practices, we want to make sure your summer SMTXperience is a safe one!