What To Know Before You Go

Keeping up with the latest closures and openings during COVID-19 can be challenging, to say the least. So we put together a guide to help you plan your next outdoor SMTXperience. It's very important that we all do our best to follow the park guidelines so all can have, and continue to have, a good time.

As a park visitor, you must practice social distancing (of at least six feet) from those not a part of your group. Your group may gather with fewer than 10 people. In general, please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms. Passive recreation is discouraged, but it's safe to say we've all ben participating in passive recreation for the past six months anyway (just us?). Treat your body to a little movement and get your blood pumping by swimming, floating or paddling in our invigorating 72-degree river. You'll notice that fencing is still up in some parks - it's to assist with social distancing and minimizing oversized gatherings. Picnic tables and pavilions will not be available at this time, which means no personal BBQ grills and pop-up shelters allowed in the parks either. 

Playgrounds and Courts

Playscapes, playgrounds and basketball courts within open parks are now available from 8am to 8pm. Parents and guardians enjoying time at the playground should be aware that play structures are not regularly cleaned or sanitized. We ask that you please wash hands after playing on the equipment, consider face coverings, supply your own water bottles and keep hands away from faces (as much as you can make children do anything, we know how that goes).

For the ballers and shot callers hitting the courts, we ask that you maintain your distance from others. All spectators and players waiting for their turn must remain outside of the fence or off the court until a space is available. Don't share equipment with others outside of your household, bring your own water and consider wearing a face covering. If a ball from another court comes your way, go ahead and send it back with your best soccer impersonation or with a racquet. Also, note that the emergency gates will be left open to prevent handles from becoming touchpoints and there is one way in and one way out. Air-fives are highly encouraged. 

Other Tidbits

The park restrooms in City ParkChildren’s Park and Crook Park will be cleaned twice daily. 

There are also some exciting updates currently underway in areas of Rio Vista Park and City Park. There is an ADA pathway project being constructed that will connect the riverfront parks and there are also several ADA accessible ramps being added in Rio Vista Park and City Park that will lead into the water. Please avoid active construction zones.   

Open River Parks:

Closed Parks:

  • Rio Vista Pool
  • Thompson's Island and Cape's Camp