Plan Your Nights in San Marcos 

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Denotes Downtown San Marcos venues

LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK: February 20 - February 26

WEDNESDAY: February 20

Cheatham Street Warehouse – Kent Finlay's Songwriter's Circle (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Mike Ethan Messick (9pm)
Wake The Dead – Youngsville (12:30pm)
The Marc - Hawk Sullivan 
KIVA - Underground Wednesdays (8pm)

THURSDAY: February 21

Riley’s Tavern – Susan Hickman (8pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Wood Street Band (8pm)
The Porch - Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (7pm)
KIVA - Moon Dunes and Pat Thomas Collective (10pm)
AquaBrew - Chillbill (9pm)
AquaBrew - The Wizard (8pm)
AquaBrew - Sp_aces (7pm)
The Growling - Elijah Stone (9pm)

FRIDAY: February 22

Middleton Brewing - Marvin Bottera & Broken Glass (6:30pm)
Zelicks - Zach Blue (5:30pm)
The Coffee Bar - Rusty Dusty and Marshall Anderson (8:30pm)
AquaBrew - Bogan Villa (7pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Tommy Alverson (6pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Julie Nolen (9pm)
Kent Black's BBQ - Adam Johnson Band (6pm)
Industry - Forrest Weiss
KIVA - Lantic, The Cold Tony's, Moon Dunes and The Irons (8pm)
Happy Cow - Skylar Hamilton
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Damon Curtis (8pm)
Patio Dolcetto - Revs Lite (6pm)
The Growling - Atrox Box and Cosa Nostra (8pm)
Texas State - Millennium Brass (7:30pm)

SATURDAY: February 23

Riley’s Tavern – The Hightones (9pm)
Middleton Brewing - Gerry Burns and Andrew Hardin (2pm)
Happy Cow - Slim Bawb and The Fabulous StumpGrinders 
Happy Cow - Nick Garcia (7pm)
Kent Black's BBQ - The Merles (6pm)
The Coffee Bar - Lizzie Newland (2:30pm)
The Coffee Bar - Kid Atomic (8:30pm)
The Coffee Bar - Ask For Elizabeth (9:30pm)
AquaBrew - The Ramblewoods (8pm)
Cheatham Street Warehouse – Peace Pipe Prophets (8pm)
The Spot - Beatnik Bandits
Buzz Mill - Disposal (7pm)
Buzz Mill - AK & Friends (8pm)
Buzz Mill - Flydecay (9pm)
Wake The Dead – NYOB, Charity Ray, This Is Temporary and Hot Dog Danzing (8pm)
KIVA - Taverner, Attic Ted, This Party Sucks and Moze Pray (7pm)
Price Center - Tracy Weinberg and New Friends (1pm)
Stonewall Warehouse - The Bromance (8pm)
Industry - JR Castro 

SUNDAY: February 24

Kent Black's BBQ - Last Honky Tonk Series (1pm)
Middleton Brewing - Jim Mayer (3pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Ace Blues Jam (4pm)
AquaBrew - Jon Parmentier (11am) 
Industry - Duke Sebestia 

MONDAY: February 25

Buzz Mill - Open Mic Night (8pm)
Middleton Brewing - Open Mic Night (6pm)
Texas State - Ian Davidson (8pm)

TUESDAY: February 26

The Growling - Open Mic Night (8pm)
Buzz Mill - Rock bottom String Band (8pm)
Riley’s Tavern – Troy Stone Band (8pm)
Jack's Roadhouse - Andy Alexander (8pm)
The Growling - Racoon Brothers (9pm)
Texas State - Attacca Quartet (7:30pm)